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Oak.SUBSCRIBE - Comprehensive Subscription Management Software with integrated, fully featured eCommerce Web Shop

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Subscription Management

Oak.SUBSCRIBE provides complete control of your subscription fulfilment and circulation functions. Innovative features, such as subscription liability management with full audit trail, easy entry wizards and drill down capabilities help put Oak.SUBSCRIBE at the forefront of subscription management software design.

Web Shop

The online shop can be customised to match your web-site style and deliver the design and content you require. Both the shop and the customer accessible data are hosted by Oak Software’s secure servers so full synchronisation and data integrity with the main Oak.SUBSCRIBE database is maintained.

Web Integration

Existing web shop integration, entailing Oak Software's web import module to import subscription and product orders from your existing site directly into the software where they can be verified and processed.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated Support Team is on-hand via phone or email to provide friendly help and assistance whenever you need it. Detailed, context sensitive online help pages also accessible directly from the software.

Virtual Subscription Manager

Our Virtual Subscription Manager (VSM) service is an enhanced Oak.SUBSCRIBE tailored service where we can manage many of your back office subscription management functions, such as direct debit processing and web import management, leaving you free to concentrate on providing great customer service.

Hosted Service

Provides for a Terminal Services connection whereby Oak.SUBSCRIBE can be accessed remotely from any location over the internet with a username and password. All installation, back up procedures and data integrity checks taken care of.